Advance Praise for A is for Akron

The Book is Now Available for Purchase Online from this Website!

“This book is a true reflection of the rich history of Akron.”
—Larry Pentecost, a.k.a. “Mr. Akron,” tour guide, Akron storyteller

“This is a much-needed addition to every Akronite’s personal library, and a great introduction to America’s ‘largest small town.’ Karen and Joanna document our community’s incredible assets—always disproportionate to our size—and the quirkiness that makes Akron an authentic experience for our residents and visitors alike.”
—Dave Lieberth, author, historian, civic activist

“The only thing that would make this book more Akron would be if it was printed with polymer ink, served with a pile of Luigi’s cheese on top, and sold exclusively at Rolling Acres. Thanks, Karen Starr and Joanna Wilson, for the ultimate shout-out to the AK-Rowdy.”
—David Giffels, author of The Hard Way on Purpose: Essays and Dispatches from the Rust Belt

“D is for delightful, which describes this book to a T. It touches on what is important to
people who know Akron and introduces our quirky city to many more who do not. And it does it all, not with tongue in cheek, but with love and laughter.”
—Sarah Vradenburg, author of Steps in Time: Ninety Years of Metro Parks, Serving Summit County